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Software Support Incident

Software Support Incident

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Software Support
All of our software is sold with free support to the original user for a fixed time period. T-Seps is sold with one year free support. T-RIP is sold with six months free support. In general if the support issue is minor we don't charge a support fee. If it is something that requires time and/or a possible online session then the fee is $75 per incident.

Often technical problems are caused by Windows or Adobe updates that break things and if that is the case we try to provide workarounds for free. The support fee normally kicks in when a customer needs help configuring a new printer or setting up the program on a new computer. If we can resolve issues quickly via email without a lot of back and forth - then we don't charge. If we have to log onto your computer and do an online session with lots of hand-holding then we charge. It is often a judgment call. There are great support sections at and with normal issues and fixes. 

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