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The Business of T-Shirts by Mark Venit - TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

The Business of T-Shirts by Mark Venit - TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

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It use to be there was only ONE book you needed to get into this business. That was the popular Fresener's How To Print T-Shirts For Fun And Profit. That is STILL the first book you should buy. But, printing a shirt is only half the battle. Even though the How To Print book has excellent business and marketing chapters, you can never learn enough about this industry. Our good friend, Mark Venit, has just released his long awaited The Business of T-Shirts book. Wow! What a gem! At 390 pages (and 2 pounds!) you get Mark Venit at his best. For the newcomers, Mark Venit is known as "the guy" who has a "take no prisoners" approach to running a business and marketing and selling product.

If you want to really be successful in this business, you need Mark's book (and of course the How To Print T-Shirts book).

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The Business of T-Shirts
A Textbook for Success in Marketing and Selling Custom Decorated Apparel

Quench Your Thirst For Marketing Knowledge
There is a drought going on when it comes to useful, comprehensive how-to information on the actual business of marketing and selling decorated apparel. Mark L. Venit’s new textbook is the life-saving water for which so many are waiting—a practical guide to starting and growing a printed apparel business.

What’s in this book for you?
Practical how-to information that has never been put together in one volume before!

  • Do I have to learn the technology to be successful in selling decorated apparel?
  • How much technology do I really need to know?
  • How much does equipment cost for a start-up company?
  • Who are the primary buyers of decorated apparel?
  • What are the biggest buying audiences of decorated apparel?
  • Does my pricing have to be the lowest pricing around to make it in this business?
  • How do I determine pricing?
  • Can you help me find the right name – or the right new name – for an apparel decorating company?
  • Are there ways to save money on buying garments that only insiders know about?
  • What are the biggest mistakes newcomers make?
  • What are the biggest mistakes industry veterans make?
  • And much more!

The Business of T-Shirts dissects the Six Main Market Sectors of the apparel decorating industry, and educates the reader on the Eight Steps in Venit's Marketing Process for Decorated Apparel, in addition to providing detailed and industry-tested recommendations on everything from pricing, product sourcing, industry positioning, merchandising, advertising, and much, much more.

Venit's "24 Ways to Get Customers To Love You" offers a meticulous, chapter-by-chapter breakdown on virtually every important sector of running a decorating business - from lead generation and processing, to business necessities, customer relations, and quality control mechanisms - this book delivers tangible and specific recommendations which are invaluable to anyone who owns, or has pondered owning, a decorating business in our industry.

The Business of T-Shirts is also useful for sign and printing shops, digital printing businesses and other companies, as Venit illustrates how to make a successful transition into selling decorated apparel without having to invest years of learning our ways, paying for mistakes that could have been avoided, and being crushed under the weight of the learning curve.  

Having written three books and more than 400 articles and columns which have graced the pages of U.S., Canadian, and UK  industry publications, Venit's most recent book delivers a critical narrative on the historical significance of apparel decorating and the notable impact the T-Shirt played in 20th Century society, culture and politics in North America.  Venit's astute breakdown of emerging digital decorating technologies from the past decade also serves to give the reader a glimpse into the future of apparel embellishment.

The Business of T-Shirts will probably be that book that you keep in your office or den to use as reference guide from time-to-time whenever you feel the need for a refresher or to get your business focus back on track.

Read what Scott Fresener has to say about Mark's book:
I've known Mark Venit for over 30 years and have always admired his take-no-prisoners style of writing, teaching seminars and consulting. I was thrilled to hear he was finally writing a book and I was honored to get a pre-publication copy of the book to read. Mark is known for giving you lots of meat to chew on - along with wit, style, humor, and fun. His latest book won't disappoint. It's vintage Mark Venit, taking his lifetime career of working, consulting, teaching and writing in the decorated apparel industry and assembling it into a book that is a MUST READ for decorated apparel professions. Each chapter offers the reader those Mark Venit gems where you ask yourself "Why didn't I think of that?" Reading Mark's book will head you in the right direction on everything from how to name - or re-name -- your company, to how to price your work, how to position your company for solid growth, and lots more.  

If you're new to this industry, Mark's book will save you a fortune by cutting ten years from your learning curve. But whether you're an old veteran of the craft or a newcomer, I highly recommend this book to everyone who owns a decorated apparel company as well as to your company's key employees.   

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