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Color Separations for T-Shirt Screen Printing

Color Separations for T-Shirt Screen Printing

Product Description

Get the BEST Color Separations in the Industry in 24 Hours!

uploadfilehere.jpgWe can provide complete color separations for your job. Each set of separations is done by Scott Fresener. You get Scott's years of experience in doing literally thousands of colors separations for companies large and small. Even if you own T-Seps, FastFilms or other automated programs, there are often critical jobs where it is worth $75 (72 hour turnaround) to get a great set of seps done by seasoned separators who can do the little things that make the job really pop off the shirt.

PLUS - we offer 24 hour turnaround for only $95 per job - any number of colors!

Important change to our service: We have a small change to how we supply files. If you have a RIP for halftones like T-RIP and want to print from Illustrator or Corel - we can now supply THREE different file type if we know the program and version you are printing from. One is a normal Photoshop file that prints from Photoshop. The second is a PDF file that will print from Illustrator CS5 or higher and/or Corel Draw X5 or higher. The third is a DCS 2.0 EPS file that prints from older Illustrator or Corel. These ALL need to print to a RIP. Learn more about how to use these files HERE.

If you DO NOT have a RIP for halftones - for an additional fee of $15 we can provide pre-halftoned files that you can print from any program.

Our low separation price is based on getting a decent piece of artwork to work from. If you provide a low quality or low resolution (72 to 150 dpi) file there could be additional charges because of the extra time it takes to try to fix the artwork. When ordering make sure to see the Additional Charges boxes and check those that are appropriate.

If you have a vector file we would rather have that than a JPG of that file. A JPG file loses quality and can have softer edges. When in doubt send email to asking about file formats.

This service is ONLY for color separations that you output. If you need film output of your file you need to order it on our Film Output order page.

If you are a volume user we offer pre-paid separation packages. You can simply purchase 5, 10, or 20 packs and use them as you need. Click HERE to learn more.

5-Pack $325  ($65 per set)
10-Pack $600 ($60 per set)
20-Pack $1,000 ($50 per set)

Note: Our price is based on delivery time. If you upload a file but do not make payment, the clock does not start "ticking" on the delivery time until payment is made. The price is based on a normal work week of Monday - Friday and does not include weekends or holidays.

Learn more about our service, artwork requirements, extra fees, terms and conditions, and more details at our main Color Separation website.

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Custom Field

Files provided Basic price is for a Photoshop "Channel" separation that must print to a RIP.

Product Reviews

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  • 5
    T.Shirt color seperations

    Posted by Donna Tarter on September 19, 2021

    The color seperations provided were on spot! Print turned out perfect. I just opened, followed the angle/frequency and screen mesh recommendations and printed away. Best $75 I've spend in a while!

  • 5
    High End Separations

    Posted by Raleigh Tees on September 2, 2021

    Great Communication and Instructions! Great turnaround times! AND Great Work!

  • 5

    Posted by The Siren on September 1, 2021

    Tbiz is a game changer. Expert advisement, professional service and the best separations I have seen in my 14+ years in this industry. I am so grateful to have found Scott and his company. I can’t say this enough: graphic design is one thing. But graphic language and the art of separating a design is something that should be left to a person who lives and breathes screen printing. Good separations are the key ingredient to happy repeat customers. Turn to Tbiz. You can’t go wrong.

  • 5
    Color Seps program

    Posted by Ruben Rodriguez on July 16, 2021

    This program is amazing! before I got this program I would struggle to to color separations but now its as easy as a click. This program has saved me so much time, I recommend this to anyone that has to do colors separation often, it is a time saver.

  • 5
    Color Seps

    Posted by AtlanticT's on March 18, 2021

    Accurate and FAST!

  • 5

    Posted by Tracy on January 25, 2021

    Great turnaround and final product

  • 5

    Posted by Bill Boone on November 20, 2020

    artwork worked out great

  • 5
    Color Separations

    Posted by Mammoth PrintShop on August 14, 2020

    I don't call on him often, but when I do, Scott NEVER lets me down!!!! 5 stars!!! A++

  • 5
    Color Seps for T-shirt Screen Print

    Posted by Mountain Air on July 6, 2020

    WOW! Thanks for the outstanding work. I needed the best, and I got the best. I also appreciate the interaction to fully and truly understand what we were going for.


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