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Color Separations for T-Shirt Screen Printing - 5-Pack

Color Separations for T-Shirt Screen Printing - 5-Pack

Product Description

Buy a Separation 5-Pack and Pay Only $65 per set of seps.

Save $10 over the normal $75 separation fee (72 hour turnaround time) for seps from Scott Fresener. Simply order a Pre-Paid Five Pack of seps here for a flat fee of $325  - and we will send you a special Coupon Code (within 24 hours or less) to use when ordering each individual job online. The Coupon Code will give you $75 off of each online order and it can be used five times.*

This service is designed for customers who send high-res files that are ready to separate. These files must be the final physical size, at a resolution of 300dpi or higher and either have a transparent background in Photoshop format or be an Adobe Illustrator or Corel file with no background. Extra fees apply if you need images ganged or if you need special effects plates or additional work done on the file or 24 hour overnight service.

Let Scott Fresener do color separations for you.

We can provide complete color separations for your job. Each set of separations is done personally by Scott Fresener, developer of FastFilms & T-Seps - and known in the industry as an excellent color separator. You get Scott's years of experience in doing literally thousands of colors separations for companies large and small. Even if you own T-Seps, FastFilms or other automated programs, there are often critical jobs where it is worth a small fee to get a great set of seps done by a seasoned separator who can do the little things that make the job really jump off the shirt.   

Learn more at our main Color Separation order page. Click HERE.

*The fine print: All terms, conditions, file format details, delivery times and other details found on the main Color Separation order page apply to this pre-paid offer. You will still need to order individual separation orders online and provide all the job details. If you require delivery times faster than the normal 72 hours, there will be the usual additional charge. When using the provided Coupon Code with your individual orders you will not be charged additional if the normal 72 hour delivery time is requested. Please allow up to 24 hours to receive your personalized Coupon Code. If you have orders to place now and need to place an individual order please send email to and request an expedited Coupon Code.

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